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Last 5 years I’ve worked as a developer. Started as a frontend dev and end up around frontend + ruby (mostly rails) backend. Idea of my way through development is creating things. Creating new experience. Like an artisan or modern world. It’s fantastic that one day you had an idea and after some time you can touch it, interact with it, share it with others.

But, as a developer all my pet projects ended up in trash bin. Maybe they were useless or what is my current guess they were not cool visually, maybe not easy to use, or they tried to resolve problem that didn’t exist.

So, I’ve decided to take a break in my dev career and learn UI and UX. I gave myself four months. During this time I will study at courses, read books, and practice. Also I’m planing to post info that I find interesting and post here. All posts will be tagged with “ui-path” tag.

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