Negotiations (introduction)

First video of the lecture tells that negotiations it’s not only business word phrase. Basically it’s any dialogue we have, like at market, at school even home with partner.

Four main principles of any negotiation:

  1. Don’t feel necessity. Don’t be a hostage of necessity. We need to distinguish necessity and wish. Like food, water it’s necessities, when new iPhone or contract with client it’s wish. You can live without that contract.
  2. Each side has right to say “no”. Even on the last steps of project. But, when someone tells you “no”, don’t hesitate to ask why.
  3. Despite you are playing on your own side, first thing you need to care it’s client’s benefit. What that client will get from a cooperation with you.
  4. Don’t be a superman (actually I don’t agree, but I will)

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