Visualization, principles of visualization

Lecturer of that section Tanya discovers principles of visualization. She answers to question “How to visualize data and show what it hides”.

As the raw material for most visualization we use tables or lists. Visualization allows us to look it from general view, from big plan. And from that position we can find topics we didn’t see before. Tanya brings this picture as an example. As you see it’s a map of earthquakes throughout world. I believe it started as plain table, but the visualization reveals a big picture. Now we can say majority of earthquakes happens on the edges of tectonic plates.


Usually visualization shows not only one side of information. Foe example basic line charts shows at least to dimensions X and Y. I will show how I understand this principle on the next example, on the picture you see chart of COVID-2019 cases in Moscow region. The line shows amount of cases and bars on the bottom amount of deaths. Why would add one more line – ratio of cases and deaths.

Truthfulness or (trustworthy)

Lecturer Tanya describes trustworthy as principle when visual appearance matches the it’s data appearance. Like, if something is 6 times more than another accordingly form should follow the same difference and be 6 times bigger.

Piece of data

All starts from finding piece of data. For example we have a lot of numbers from online store. Orders, payment gates, customers e.t.c. depending what we want to show or what we want to find we can start unravel this puzzle finding smallest piece of data. It can be for example payment transaction. Starting from this atom we can build whole system.

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